Floriani Total Control U - September 2018

Floriani Total Control U - September 2018


Take your software skills to the next level, gain valuable knowledge, design, create, explore and realize the full potential of Floriani Total Control U Software. Lana will guide you through the endless possibilities. A PDF to printout, a complete video and artwork files (if needed) are included.

The legal stuff:

This pattern is copyrighted and may not be copied by any electronic or manual device. It is for your personal use only and cannot be distributed for private or public teaching. Purchasing this tutorial constitutes agreement with these terms.

Please abide by the copyright laws. Artists create patterns for your personal enjoyment, but this is also the way we make a living. When you make an illegal copy not only are you stealing, but you prevent the artist from receiving compensation for their work to pay their bills and put groceries in their fridge. Thank you, I will now get off my soap box.

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