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Holly alphabet and numbers

I am so excited to get this holiday season rolling. I have just posted some new Christmas designs and more are in the works. But, the best thing is the FREE stuff!

Starting on November 23rd and ending on December 15th, you will be able to download letters and numbers from Holly Alphabet and Holly Numbers set. Each day I will post 2 designs, either numbers or letters, your gift just for stopping by Each pair of letters and numbers will be available for 3 days so you have plenty of time to download the free gifts.

That’s is a great deal…26 letters and 10 numbers for FREE!! They will be in the FREE section labeled “On the Hollow”.

November 23-25 will be A and B, November 24-26 will be C and D, November 25-27 will be E and F…etc.

Thank you for joining me today! Browse around the hollow for some cool designs and products.

Enjoy your sewing adventures!!


Fluffles Administrator

Merry Christmas!

Christmas at the Hollow!

Yes, you read that right…I have added Christmas designs! There are some of you out there that like to get started early…real early. As I have been doing Sew Fun presentations, many people are already showing the Christmas presents they have made during Show and Tell. Wow, that’s organized!

Speaking of Sew Fun, if you live in the Seattle area check out Quality Sewing’s Sew Fun program. I am one of the educators this month and we are having a lot of fun. You can get the schedule at Come and join us, have some cookies and coffee and let us entertain, teach and show you some very cool samples.

Also, hop on over to the Blue Bunny Hollow Facebook page and click LIKE, to like the page and like or love everything posted...just saying! It helps as Facebook keeps changing things.

One last thing…If you use any of the designs from this website, please send me a photo so I can start a gallery of your cool stuff.

Thanks for stopping by the Hollow!

Enjoy your sewing adventures!


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