Holly alphabet and numbers

I am so excited to get this holiday season rolling. I have just posted some new Christmas designs and more are in the works. But, the best thing is the FREE stuff!

Starting on November 23rd and ending on December 15th, you will be able to download letters and numbers from Holly Alphabet and Holly Numbers set. Each day I will post 2 designs, either numbers or letters, your gift just for stopping by bluebunnyhollow.com. Each pair of letters and numbers will be available for 3 days so you have plenty of time to download the free gifts.

That’s is a great deal…26 letters and 10 numbers for FREE!! They will be in the FREE section labeled “On the Hollow”.

November 23-25 will be A and B, November 24-26 will be C and D, November 25-27 will be E and F…etc.

Thank you for joining me today! Browse around the hollow for some cool designs and products.

Enjoy your sewing adventures!!

Lana, fluffle administrator

Merry Christmas!

Christmas at the Hollow!

Yes, you read that right…I have added Christmas designs! There are some of you out there that like to get started early…real early. As I have been doing Sew Fun presentations, many people are already showing the Christmas presents they have made during Show and Tell. Wow, that’s organized!

Speaking of Sew Fun, if you live in the Seattle area check out Quality Sewing’s Sew Fun program. I am one of the educators this month and we are having a lot of fun. You can get the schedule at qualitysewing.com. Come and join us, have some cookies and coffee and let us entertain, teach and show you some very cool samples.

Also, hop on over to the Blue Bunny Hollow Facebook page and click LIKE, to like the page and like or love everything posted...just saying! It helps as Facebook keeps changing things.

One last thing…If you use any of the designs from this website, please send me a photo so I can start a gallery of your cool stuff.

Thanks for stopping by the Hollow!

Enjoy your sewing adventures!


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New Products and Categories

I have been working diligently on getting my hands-on classes ready for September. Digitizing designs, embroidering, sewing, quilting, cutting kits, and writing tutorials. Speaking of tutorials, have you seen that I have my September software class tutorials in the shop. The download includes a pdf tutorial that you can print out with icons, illustrations and pictures to help guide you through Floriani Total Control U and Premier+ software. Plus, a video to help you every step of the way. PEDesign 10 will be up soon. I also hope to have other software tutorials posted at a later date. These are for personal use only, not to be used in a private or public class.

This is mainly an embroidery website, however, most of us do more than embroider…like quilting. If you love ruler work like I do then you probably have lots of templates for quilting. If you have problems with them slipping while you are quilting, then try my new product, Template Stay. Click on the video on the description page to see how it works.

I have also started a new “On the Hollow” category where I will post items for $0.00… that’s correct…FREE! Right now, there is just 1 design, but I will add additional designs and include tutorials, videos and more.

So, take your time and browse around the hollow for some cool designs and products.

Thank you for joining me today!

Enjoy your sewing adventures!!

Lana, fluffle administrator

Lana L JonesComment
WOW! Does Time Fly when you are embroidering and doing creative stuff!!!

I did not realize how long it has been since my first blog post. With that said, I am getting new designs posted this month and working on some products, tutorials and of course, more designs.

Over the past few weeks, I have been teaching many classes on embroidery, embroidery software, Westalee Ruler Work and 2-4 day events for learning your Brother Dream and Babylock Destiny sewing/embroidery machines. Super excited about the New Brother Luminaire XP and Babylock Solaris arriving at the stores this month. Can’t wait to take a look at one and give it a test drive. Speaking of test drives, I just finished a 2 ½ week lecture/demo series in July and did a lot of test driving while I was doing my demos on a Pfaff Performance Icon…what a dream to sew on. Can’t a girl want several of the top machines?? Of course…why not! 😊

I am also just finishing a new embroidery design set. I will post it in September. This one is amazing as you decide how you want your design to look. Do you want a standard embroidery or HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) for the fill areas? Maybe the artist in you wants to color the designs with crayons, colored pencils or inks. This pack will be jammed full of instructions to show my how to’s on IMC (Intense Melted Crayon) Fabric Coloring, LCP (Luxurious Colored Pencil) Fabric Coloring, or VIC (Vibrant Ink Coloring) Fabric Coloring. But why choose…try them all!

Thank you for joining me today!

Enjoy your sewing adventures!!

Lana, fluffle administrator

A Blog for my FLUFFLES!


Welcome to Blue Bunny Hollow! Hi, my name is Lana L Jones, thank you for visiting this new embroidery design shop and blog!

During the past 20+++ years I have cultivated my sewing and embroidery craft starting at 7 years old when my mom showed me how to use her Singer Featherweight, which I still have today. I discovered my passion for education 25 years ago when sewing became my full time career. I teach classes, do events, lecture/demos, write books and create video tutorials for sewing, embroidery and embroidery software. My latest endeavor has brought about this new embroidery design shop.

The launch of this site comes after years of corporate work, my two children who became respectable adult humans, then two grand dogs and a few years later two grandchildren! All the while, I was honing my craft, perfecting my teaching style and embroidery digitizing abilities. I am super excited to launch this website to share with my clients, customers, friends, family and the world!

My daughter set up my new website...YAY!!! With the new website we are also launching the Doggie Dining Mat and Doggies Rule Design Pack in the shop. Individual designs are for sale as well, if you prefer not to buy the whole pack. We also plan to have many more design products, blanks, tutorials, and instructional videos in the coming months!

The next product I would like to share with you is my newest embroidery design set named Crystal Lemonade. This design set features mylar (see glass of lemonade below) to create the look of crystal!

20180524 wine glass.jpg

It sparkles and looks great on kitchen towels. But, on the table runner I used organza instead of mylar for a very different look. Lovely and coming very soon!

CL runner.png

Thank you for joining me and reading my first blog post.

Enjoy your sewing adventures!

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