WOW! Does Time Fly when you are embroidering and doing creative stuff!!!

I did not realize how long it has been since my first blog post. With that said, I am getting new designs posted this month and working on some products, tutorials and of course, more designs.

Over the past few weeks, I have been teaching many classes on embroidery, embroidery software, Westalee Ruler Work and 2-4 day events for learning your Brother Dream and Babylock Destiny sewing/embroidery machines. Super excited about the New Brother Luminaire XP and Babylock Solaris arriving at the stores this month. Can’t wait to take a look at one and give it a test drive. Speaking of test drives, I just finished a 2 ½ week lecture/demo series in July and did a lot of test driving while I was doing my demos on a Pfaff Performance Icon…what a dream to sew on. Can’t a girl want several of the top machines?? Of course…why not! 😊

I am also just finishing a new embroidery design set. I will post it in September. This one is amazing as you decide how you want your design to look. Do you want a standard embroidery or HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) for the fill areas? Maybe the artist in you wants to color the designs with crayons, colored pencils or inks. This pack will be jammed full of instructions to show my how to’s on IMC (Intense Melted Crayon) Fabric Coloring, LCP (Luxurious Colored Pencil) Fabric Coloring, or VIC (Vibrant Ink Coloring) Fabric Coloring. But why choose…try them all!

Thank you for joining me today!

Enjoy your sewing adventures!!


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