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I have been working diligently on getting my hands-on classes ready for September. Digitizing designs, embroidering, sewing, quilting, cutting kits, and writing tutorials. Speaking of tutorials, have you seen that I have my September software class tutorials in the shop. The download includes a pdf tutorial that you can print out with icons, illustrations and pictures to help guide you through Floriani Total Control U and Premier+ software. Plus, a video to help you every step of the way. PEDesign 10 will be up soon. I also hope to have other software tutorials posted at a later date. These are for personal use only, not to be used in a private or public class.

This is mainly an embroidery website, however, most of us do more than embroider…like quilting. If you love ruler work like I do then you probably have lots of templates for quilting. If you have problems with them slipping while you are quilting, then try my new product, Template Stay. Click on the video on the description page to see how it works.

I have also started a new “On the Hollow” category where I will post items for $0.00… that’s correct…FREE! Right now, there is just 1 design, but I will add additional designs and include tutorials, videos and more.

So, take your time and browse around the hollow for some cool designs and products.

Thank you for joining me today!

Enjoy your sewing adventures!!


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